ImpulsePal – an app to control those food cravings

We are very excited to have worked with Sam van Beurden and her colleagues at the University of Exeter on the ImpulsePal. Designed by researchers, this app is a great collection of tools to help people trying to resist those tantalising food cravings.

We were very fortunate to program the app, as it provided us with the opportunity to explore a range of functions. For instance, the app features a ‘brain training game’. In this task, users are shown various images, including a range of unhealthy foods, and they are rewarded when they manage to avoid responding to unhealthy foods. This training of the ability to inhibit approaching unhealthy food images should in theory help users resist approaching unhealthy foods in real life. One exciting feature of working on the brain training game was to look at the reward structure and think about how the point system incentivises or punishes certain behaviours, as well as contemplating a range of other gamification features.

We hear that ImpulsePal is being pilot tested at the moment and that the first users are finding it very helpful, which we are really happy about!! 🙂

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