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PsyNovigo was founded in 2014 in Exeter, UK, by two psychologists who share a passion for programming and digital applications. Since 2018, we’ve also had a presence in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

We use our experience of helping people with low-mood and stress to create self-help apps. We use our experience as psychology researchers to enable other researchers to have an impact on wider audiences.

We are passionate about generating positive change in the world with the help of technology. We are happy to be collaborating with dedicated researchers and practicioners in tech-for-good projects, and we always welcome new collaboration enquiries!


Diana Onu

Diana spent the first ten years of her career as an academic researcher in one of UK’s top universities. As a researcher, she often programmed her own experiments and created videos for research communication. She gradually realised how much she loves the software design work and decided to pursue this passion by starting PsyNovigo together with Dan. Diana has a degree in Computer Science and specialises in Android and iOS development. She also loves graphic design and has created the images for most of PsyNovigo’s apps and videos. Get in touch at .

Dan Marshall

Dan has an academic and applied psychology background working for 7 years in a research environment and has worked as a mental health practitioner for 4 years. The experience of working with people with very common emotional difficulties inspired Dan to try and create more useful, accessible resources that make the most out of current commonly used technology. Dan has 4 years experience programming apps for Android and iOS and is the voice you hear on our audio recordings and videos. Get in touch at

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