Software for psychology & health research

Software for psychology & health research

apps for

collect data for research

Collect data using engaging questionnaires, conduct experience sampling studies and provide immediate feedback reports. Remind participants to complete measures using notifications or based on their location. Collect motion data, location data, exercise data, or participant-generated images and videos. Harness the power of citizen science!

facilitate behaviour change

Most apps we’ve worked on help people make positive changes in their lives. From eating more healthily, exercising, sleeping, to driving more carefully or being better parents. Some apps help people monitor their behaviour. Others give them tools to change it. And others use gamification such as badges and rewards as nudges.

communicate your research

We help design solutions to communicate research insights in visually-compelling ways through graphs, videos and animations. We develop serious games to help people understand complex information.

working with us

We understand research

Our core team are experienced researchers in psychology and health research

Health app standards

We have experience with the certification process for wellbeing apps and health software standards

Ethics and data protection

We design tools that help you comply with ethical guidelines in research

Rigour in data collection

We pay close attention to collecting valid measurements, from reaction times to self-reports

Impact monitoring

We create tools to help you understand who is interacting with your research app and the impact it has on them

International clients

We work with researchers around the world, in universities as well as applied research organisations

made with passion

check out our work

We love working on projects that bring the amazing work done in universities to the people who can benefit from it. We are proud to align ourselves with the growing tech-for-good movement.


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FoodT on Google Play

The Food Trainer (FoodT) is out on Google Play! Why not give it a go – you would be contributing to valuable research and may even change your eating habits!

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Thoughts on sleep apps

Can’t sleep? Wake up tired? Restless nights? There are dozens of apps that promise to fix it for you. We’ve had a closer look at the types of apps out there.

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Capturing reaction time online

The measurement of reaction time has gone from stopwatches to computers. But should it move to the Internet? We look at different errors that can affect reaction time measurement in web pages.

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Want to chat about your idea, discuss a collaboration or get a quote? Please drop us a line!

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